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The Life Programs Levels 1, 2 and 3

 Personal Power Programs to Align Your Life in the 7 Pillars.

  • Gain Authenticity
  • Confidence
  • Become The Change-maker in Your Life
  • Access Your Inner Strength and Power
  • Improve Relationships
  • Achieve Goals with Consistency
  • Heal Emotions, Negative Blocks and Beliefs.
  • Align To The Truth of Who You Really Are For Amazing Results

This is the most powerful self-development journey and an exciting opportunity to ascend the levels of personal development.


This program empowers you instantly from the first foundational level.

Authentic living attracts people, enhances relationships, and supercharges your communication. Experience a lighter, more positive outlook. Your career aligns with your deepest motivations, guided by your life purpose‚ÄĒthe 'north star' that keeps you on track.

Authenticity is 4x's stronger than the frequency of Loveland creates massive impact in your life and the life of those around you.



Bonus FREE Access!

Private Coaching clients of Levels 2 and 3, will also have FREE access to the full online coaching program 'Aligned Life' containing instructional videos, audios, client videos and PDFs, for the duration of our coaching period, worth £2000!

Bonus Audio Suite

All Clients also receive access to a unique suite of my hypnotic audios to support the journey from foundation level towards empowerment, goal setting and mindset training.

Coaching Options - BOOK NOW!

Pricing for the levels of Aligned Life Coaching. On booking, you will be taken to a link to book our initial call on Zoom to arrange the program dates and discuss your journey!


Rapid Breakthrough

Level 1: Are You Ready For Your Breakthrough?

In This program you are guided through a series of deep and powerful healing processes where you have the opportunity to enable extraordinary changes. We clear the pane of glass of all the smears and distortions so that you shine through - this is a wonderful opportunity to heal and realign to your best self.


  • Feel Lighter and Immediately Calmer: Shed the burdens and anxieties that weigh you down, experiencing a profound sense of lightness.

  • Heal Anxiety, OCD's, Stress, and More: Discover effective strategies to heal and overcome these challenges that have held you back.

  • Uncover Root Causes: Gain insights into what's been fueling your problems and their symptoms, allowing for transformative change.

  • Heal Behavioral Patterns: Break free from self-destructive patterns and create healthier, empowering habits.

  • Improve Mental Clarity: Experience a sharper mind and a greater sense of mental clarity.

  • Tap into Inner Strength: Cultivate your inner strength and resilience to navigate life's challenges with confidence.

  • Feel Motivated: Reignite your motivation and enthusiasm for life, propelling you toward your goals.

  • Get Clear on Your Goals: Define your objectives clearly and create a plan to achieve them.

  • Discover Your Authentic Self: Gain a deeper understanding of who you truly are beneath the layers of conditioning and expectations.

  • Feel More Powerful and In Control: Reclaim your sense of power and control over your life and choices.

  • Reignite Passion and Drive in Life: Rediscover your passion and enthusiasm for your journey.

  • Understand Yourself at a Deep Level: Gain profound insights into your psyche and emotions, paving the way for meaningful growth.


  • Intensive 1:1 Coaching: A life-transforming therapeutic healing and coaching program with personalized attention for three consecutive days, delivered online.

  • Face-to-Face Option: One full day of in-person sessions available in the UK or through prior arrangement for travel.

  • Post-Program Coaching Session: A follow-up online coaching session one week later to support your goal setting and alignment.

  • Timeline Healing: A unique method of hypnotic healing that clears emotional baggage and negative experiences from your past, allowing for true healing.

Hypnotic Audio Suite: Gain access to a collection of powerful hypnotic audio sessions to support your ongoing alignment and mindset development

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Aligned Life Coaching

Get Your Life Aligned in All Areas.

From confusion and sleepwalking -  to a purpose-filled life of joy and achievement.

A 90 day ‚Äėlife-alignment‚Äô coaching program which is a weekly accountability, therapeutic and guided course of action!

Pull life into focus so you get the fulfillment you seek and begin to feel like you are stretching into your potential and achieving more achievement, happiness and joy with consistency. 


Why Align Your Life? Alignment is another way of pulling things together. We have 7 major life areas: 

Relationship, Career, Family, Friendships and Connections, Personal Growth & Development, Health & Fitness, Spirituality.

When all 7 life areas have drive and attention, our lives come together and are supported in health, value and meaning.

Lets uncover what works for you and what can be improved that will make the most difference in the shortest time to get things really moving forwards for you.

We look at goal setting in depth. This is the setting process, the ‚Äėlaw of attraction‚Äô and the practical science and method that helps up actually achieve things we want with more predictable consistency.

We uncover your ‚ÄėLife Purpose‚Äô to really find your ‚Äėnorth star‚Äô driving force at the deep level in your subconscious. This can make sense of a lot of joy and why things are on track for you or not, in your career.

Added to this, we delve deep into the programs and ‚Äėdrivers‚Äô that are pushing all the buttons of your decisions and change these up to streamline your life experience and again bring you closer to achieving your goals.

You receive personality profiling to get underneath and look into the programs that are running and what makes you tick. 

We go deep into these life areas to uncover how they are working for you and together with me, we heal the problems and get you on track and with full forward momentum towards your designed goals and purpose in life.




  • Align Your 7 Life Pillars: Goal setting in depth to cover all life areas and begin achieving across the board. Or you get top choose to focus on one major life area that requires deep emergency in-depth work and focus.
  • Boost Confidence and Self-Expression: We uncover your personality profile and programs and learn what makes you tick. Knowing this information allows you to confidently know what environments suit you best and what your career can give you.¬†
  • Uncover Your Life Purpose: Discover your unique Life Purpose, serving as your guiding 'north star' and a wellspring of energy to fuel your journey. When we live a life ‚Äėon purpose‚Äô rather than wavering expecting g life to happen to us, we are co-creators with the universe and of course, we achieve more of what we want.
  • Enhance Relationships, Career, and Health: Work on improving your relationships, career, and health, fostering deeper connections with yourself and others. We look at communication and what motivates you.
  • Healing - Are there areas of your life, memories and past events that still require some healing attention? We can bring that into focus and hold space for deep healing.¬†
  • Cultivate Self-Love: Build a deeper sense of self-love and appreciation, nurturing a profound connection with yourself. Learn how to communicate with your unconscious mind in a way that builds inner discernment and confidence at a deep level.


90 days of direct life transformational support that include weekly appointments with me, 1:1 on zoom and consistent support of communication and accountability. Receive audios and supportive downloads, video guides and materials to help you on your alignment path.


The LIFE 180 - Living Authentically

The Life 180

6 Months/ 180 Days The Empowerment Intensive

6 Months  -1:1

180¬ļ Transformation


Have a complete 180deg life transformation.

Everything in  level 2. ++Plus -

Advanced Magical Self Development and spiritual alchemy. Coaching and guidance into your inner world awakening and connection to new levels of self development.

Work on all 7 pillars plus delve deeper into the most foundational pillar - spirituality and your connection to yourself at all levels.

Energy work and understanding of your energy centers and why use them for personal power and development, healing and creation.  

Connect to you inner magic for outer transformation and an inner joy and awareness. Eliminate fear and feel truly empowered.

eaves more knowing and ability into your goal setting and flow of life so goal setting becomes intentional and serves purpose at the deepest level.

Connect to your guides and communicate with your higher self for more assurance and wisdom. Learn the difference between your own unconscious soul driven guidance and that of your guides and helpers.

Tap into more of the HOW, and begin to really understand laws and universal truths hidden for centuries and previously only available to the few, that will unlock and awaken you to inner power and abilities innate within you.

this 6 month journey is for those serious about personal awakening and self development. 

Contact me directly for more information and for a video consultation and interview.



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What if you could totally transform your life in a matter of days?...

  • Clear away years of emotions, negativity and blocks.¬†
  • Heal¬†deeply and rebuild yourself
  • Discover your inner greatness and tap into your innate power.
  • Learn the art and alchemy of real goal achievement and goal creation
  • Break free from blocks and mental obstacles holding you back.
  • Become hugely motivated and positive about life
  • Connect with your inner light and intuition for¬†initial¬†development
  • Find inner calm as your new automatic mode to feel secure¬†whatever life throws at you!
  • Attain profound inner knowing, through guided enhancing meditation.

There are 3 amazing levels of self development therapy and coaching designed to take you from overwhelm to alignment, inner strength, motivation and positivity from your core.

What would all this worth to you? Life Alignment IS really living your life for a change. 

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About Me

Hello, I'm Diane Beck and I have been a professional therapist and coach for nearly 15 years developing as a hypnotherapist and NLP Master before discovering deep spiritual enlightenment that transformed my life forever.

I embarked on my own transformative journey the hard way, colliding with the obstacles of life until the signs could no longer be ignored. While I was once thriving in my acting career, my physical, mental, and emotional health reached a breaking point with crippling anxiety and panic attacks, all while pursuing a world and career that were completely out of alignment with my true self. The problem was, I had lost sight of who I was beneath the layers of characters I'd portrayed for years.

It took me many years to embark on a journey of self-discovery, during which I found what truly worked for me. Traditional therapeutic methods simply didn't resonate with my path.

In 2009, I decided to take my career as a therapist and coach more seriously, establishing my own company. Then, five years ago, I experienced a profound spiritual awakening that unearthed a newfound level of empowerment. This empowerment has become the cornerstone of 'The Aligned Life,' my methodology. The techniques I've developed over the years were born from this journey, and I'm now thrilled to share them with the world.

It All Starts With Your Foundation!

Watch my clients talk about how their lives transformed from the foundational Level 1 Breakthrough. This level leads to a two further levels of personal and professional development

Kim's Testimonial

Kim is a business owner, property developer and busy mother. Watch Kim talk about her amazing Level 1 Breakthrough results!


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Hayley's Testimonial

Hayley is a Director at Haico. Watch Hayley talk about her Level 1 Breakthrough results!


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Liz's Testimonial

Liz is a Successful Recruitment Consultant and Director.


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"Diane helped to dive deaper into the cause of what I was going through, helping to rebuild and reprogram. Needless to say it‚Äôs a 5-star no-brainer for me. I walked into the [Level 1 Foundational Breakthrough] session with a problem that was affecting my life significantly, I walked out changed for the better. I‚Äôm all good! Thank you.‚ÄĚ"

A. Gear

"I’ve had a complete turnaround since my sessions with Diane! Before working with Diane, I’d completely lost my mojo, was unclear about my direction and was generally feeling a bit lost. Not ideal as a business owner! I attended a Breakthrough day [foundation level 1] , and follow-on sessions [Level 2] to discover Life Purpose and also Goal Setting. People around me can already see the difference it’s made! My new goals are set, I know exactly what I’m working towards and I’ve got my drive and determination back! Thanks Diane"

K Firmin Levels 1 & 2

"Hi Diane just want to say a massive thank you for my Foundation Breakthrough session yesterday, today has been a completely new day for me I woke up feeling energetic and been amazing at work I really can’t wait to see what the future holds for me now x thank you so much."

J Waring

""I walked in as a woman who was disgusted with herself and felt unattractive, lazy and tired of life, full of fear and darkness. Diane’s professionalism, knowledge and overall presence made me see what I need to do to turn it around and I walked out empowered and full of sparkle.""

E.GY Level 1 Foundational Breakthrough

" if you are ready to start living your life free of fear, anxiety or whatever it is that is holding you back, this is the program for you. I have been tested many times since the sessions, some on large scale some on a smaller scale and I can honestly, hand on heart say, that my anxiety has truly gone, my confidence and self esteem is through the roof, I am carrying myself differently and will not allow people to cross my boundaries ‚Äď the responses from others has been really eye opening too. If you want change and you‚Äôre ready for what the world has in store for you ‚Äď do it!! Thanks Diane ‚Äď you have truly changed my life!‚ÄĚ "

J Strachan

When Do The Sessions Happen?

We meet first on a zoom call and then we discuss when best suits both our diaries. I see a lot of overseas clients and appreciate time difference. We work together on this so we are happy with our timings.

An Unveiling of Your True Magnificent Self

This is a life changing and deeply healing program.

It is an intensive clean sweep if you like, of all the negativity, problems Yoldinh you back. This is not a surface level cosmetic change - this is the REAL WORK. It is intensive but it is life changing and restructures your life back to who you really are at the stunningly beautiful core of truth. Underneath all that stress, anxiety or overwhelm - you are magnificent and utterly capable. We need to reset things.

Everyone comes to this with their own life challenges. of course Rome wasn't build in a day and there are continued development programs beyond this initial program - However - many people have utterly life changing results just with this first level. I've seen extraordinary transformations when we work at the very levels of change necessary.

Read and watch the testimonials and comments from previous clients to hear what they have to say!

Your success is deeply tied to who you are at the unconscious level. It influences your behaviors, motivations, and perspectives. Many have accepted beliefs that distort their self-worth, limiting their true potential.

We embark on an 'archaeological dig' of the self. By uncovering, healing, and then realigning, as you set the important foundation for further self-discovery and life creation.

Know yourself first, and realign with your authentic self. By the end of this level of development, you'll understand and love yourself more deeply, expanding your capacity for love and positivity.

The foundation level Breakthrough, consists of a full day of healing face to face with me (alternative 3 long blocks of online therapy you will be instructed how to set up for the sessions), followed by a separate coaching session plus audios to align you even more since the foundational work has been done, ready for coaching and life alignment.

3 months of 1:1 online coaching! This is next level life changing stuff.

You receive weekly hourly coaching sessions along with a suite of videos and audios in my Aligned Life Coaching program. This coaching program alone is worth £2000 to purchase separately which you get access to free during the 3 months of coaching. 

Each hourly sessions is part of a 3 month structured arc of alignment. We look deeply into each life area I call the & Life Pillars and you learn how they are all connected and how each part of your life requires energy intention and goals.

You learn the alchemy of goal setting and goal achievement. So much has been written about this and there are so many youtube videos from many people over the years. I have been directly coaching clients in the art of this for nearly 15years with amazing success and have seen clients achieve consistently. What is ultimately key (which is why this program was developed) is that life JOY and true fulfilment requires deeper work and actually manifesting with consistency requires work at the back end first before you change your frequency sufficiently to align up to what is truly meant for you positively. 

You also receive direct line to me on WhatsApp where you have my support to any questions you may have during the 3 months we are working together. 

Please see he details of the program in the modules section.

Each clients requirements are unique. I learn about YOU! We work towards your goals, discover your life purpose and I coach you of course towards successes and also guide you into deepening practices with yourself. The deeper and more connected you are to your true self and authenticity, the greater the return on the work you do and the goals you set!

 his program is for those who want to achieve much more fulfilment in their lives, joy, radiance and alignment.

This is the empowerment program for those more serious and intentional about developing their connection to source, to themselves at the deepest level and learning amazing ways to heal and work on themselves and their lives.

Spiritual practice, guidance and life creation.

This is the most empowering program I can offer. This is a further 3 months of 1:1 coaching of 90 minutes each session. In this program you will receive guidance in your spiritual practices.

 Over many years I have developed my own healing technique and I was told this would happen years ago. It developed from my own inner work and I use it with private clients for rapid healing results because we work with the energetics and levels of quantum healing.

You will learn how to connect with your higher self and spirit guides, spirit allies.

We look more into your life purpose and align that more prominently into your consciousness so you can be living through this, feeling motivated and aligned.

We look at natural gifts you have and connection to energy and how to use this in your life.

We look closely at more esoteric teachings, numerology and the mathematics of you.

In this 3 months you will guided through ways of using light, sound, frequency, sacred geometry and intention to make incredible lifestyle and healing changes. This inner dialoguing technique I will teach you, means you will be able to dialogue with your deep unconscious mind, work with visions and you clairsenses talents and I guide you through

Untether unwanted energy connections. Use the power of polarity and the law of opposites. We look at the spiritual laws and how they can help you in your life.

I am now able  o guide you at this level to amazing places inside.

We look at your chakras and the power of those toroidal fields in your energy system and how we can use them.

You apply the esoteric knowledge I can share with you at this level, to goal setting and manifesting!

We also keep a close eye on your life alignment of course and all the foundation work you have done leading up to this amazingly empowering program. 

By the ned of this  months expect to feel phenomenal and ultra empowered, string, with inner connection.

Level 1 is face to face OR by Zoom. I recommend face to face if possible but its not essential.

Level 2 and 3. These programs are zoom only. If you live in the UK there is the opportunity to meet and work face to face but there may be an additional fee for that. Please know that we are working face to face even though we are on a video call. I am a coach, therapist and a guide by energy, intention and voice. Providing we can see and hear each other clearly - it works magically.

I do hold retreats and masterclasses once or twice a year which are in person and I recommend coming to one of my private events because you will experience unique meditations designed for the group and this is absolutely in person and very special.

We meet first on a zoom call and then we discuss when best suits both our diaries. I see a lot of overseas clients and appreciate time difference. We work together on this so we are happy with our timings.

Yes and though there may be contraindications and we will discuss it before we begin work.

So anyone can book the Foundational level who is over 18 years of age which is my threshold for this work because of its intensity and what is required psychologically.

I may discuss with you  that the program may not be suitable for you and we may discuss other options. You must be fully honest and transparent with your truth when booking any of the programs as we work on emotional issues sometimes.

If in doubt, always consult your healthcare provider and prescribing  practitioners before booking.

Anyone who has completed level 1 Foundational Breakthrough can then book onto the Level 2 Life Alignment Program. If you have received a breakthrough with me in the past, you can go straight to level 2. If you have received a breakthrough with someone else in the past, we will discuss it but my breakthroughs are unique with a unique approach and combination of factors which set the foundations of the program. I always recommend talking to me first.

Anyone who has done levels 1 and 2 can go to level 3 or book another 3 months of level 2 if they wish to continue life alignment coaching! This has been repeated numerous times over and over by clients reaping the benefits of the goal setting and healing accountability they receive with this program of work.



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Enquire about the Mastery Level 3 Program of Personal Empowerment and book a consultation with Diane Beck to discuss eligibility.