The Future In Business is Real Connection and Communication


Training and Coaching To Empower

Nurture Your Most Valuable Assets. Your People.

Staff communication and wellbeing directly impacts performance, profit, culture of the company, staff retention and customer perception. Who you are as a company is both brand and it's energy - it's people.

In what way do you think you know your staff?


Do you really understanding how they internally operate?
How is their communication impacting results?
What really drives and unconsciously motivates or hinders staff?
How do you know that you aren't hindering them unconsciously with your communication?
Do your managers and execs have a true management profile (a combination of unconscious programs...which can be installed!)


Or are you leaving it to chance...? Imagine what not knowing this could be costing you. Imagine what levels of success you can achieve when all of this is working in your favour!

Being certain, makes managing them easier and directing them to success more likely.

My trainings, coaching programs, retreats and workshops are designed to help you get clarity on all of this fast and begin implementing results within a single coaching session. 

Skills and abilities are as important as their unconscious 'programs' of behaviour, communication style and their mindset!

This is why I teach recruitment consultants how to covertly spot many indicators, so hiring successful candidates is more likely. 

Coaching truly levels-up  performance and keeps taking it higher. Imagine the cultural differences and performance levels you can achieve and what that can bring to your company.

Can you afford not to have it?

Current Trainings and Programs   

  • The Personality Profiling and Coaching Program. 

     Mta Program Training, Coaching and Workshops. See the videos and customer feedback below. The most powerful combination for almost immediate improvements to behaviour and performance. 
  • Director Personality Dynamics

    A Personality profiling interview, training and meeting with the directors of the company or higher management, to understand their communication and personality dynamics. See the video testimonial below, from a company Director on the immediate benefits.
  • Company Goal Setting.

    A fun and full day group training and retreat for staff to learn their drives, goals and align to company goals. Produces amazing motivation and bonding. in how to really set and achieve goals using the power of the unconscious mind connection and visualisation techniques.   Using Hypnosis and NLP coaching, I help teams gain huge drive and focus towards a shared company goal. 
  • Management Coaching

    Increase confidence, communication and clarity. Career direction, and communication style along with meta program enhancement coaching, maximises performance of your most valued talent.
  • Staff Coaching  

    Targeted Therapeutic Interventions. Panic and Anxiety, Overwhelm and Stress related staff issues. Healing and therapeutic coaching for valued staff to return them to their optimal state and resolve issues in a short timeframe.
  • Public Speaking & Communications

    Packages for authentic and connected communication. 
  • Company Wellbeing Retreats.   

    Beautiful surroundings outside the environment of the office begins to dissolve the stress and increase bonding.  The retreats invite staff to connect mind body and learn more about unconscious mind and their energy and how they can increase wellbeing naturally and enhance their personal power.

    See the reactions in the videos below.

When we feel valued and connected we thrive. Company Culture is all about connection.

We all want to feel part of something bigger than ourselves, to be driven by purpose and our uniqueness to be seen and valued. It is innate within us.

We are beautifully unique and powerful, we have an amazing array of talents in unique combinations and the work is finding the key to unlocking that within each member of staff.

What Client's Say

Understand Your Personality & Communication with Coaching and Training

When Ravelle, Katie and Hayley wanted to improve communication as company partners, we implemented a personality profiling, communication workshop and Director level coaching program. 
The results have seen huge improvements in understanding between their dynamic. Watch what Ravelle, Haico Partner, has to day about the workshop.
The process is very quick and begins with 1:1 interviews and 'personality profiling' which can be done covertly and overtly depending on the situation.
This can provide a lot of useful information, that enables the employee to feel and perform at their best. Any coaching that is required can be arranged to quickly utilise the results of the interview findings.
Both the company and the employees love this open and conversational process of personal development. It is measurable and has immediate value to all. Coaching programs following the results especially over 4 weeks, can dramatically transform people's performance.
Based on NLP Meta Programs and Hypnosis, this personality profiling and subsequent coaching is very powerful.
For Strategic People, a Recruitment Company, they saw the huge benefits of not only understanding themselves, but being able to understand candidates they were interviewing for their clients. My training in the covert elicitation of personality traits and the interview style, has had immediate benefit. See their comments below.


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