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" I gained compete clarity and found out who I really was!..."


Personal and Professional Development reconnecting you to your deepest self and inner communication for extraordinary results in love, life and career.

Welcome to The Inner Power Breakthrough - a program to reconnect you to your inner super power.

This is my fastest and thorough spring clean clear-out and re-set to results that I offer and is a full day with me with some additional follow up coaching plus supportive audios and help.

You know something deep down is in the way of you being and feeling on track and magnificent.

It might be showing up in your health and fitness - use of food or wine. It could be lack of self-esteem and feeling overwhelmed and under confident at work. It can be developing into habits and anxiety is a real problem. 


Typical signals that you are not in your power and these vary so you can see how a root cause issue can show up in many ways at the surface - we are all so different. Common signals are:

  • Anxiety attacks and negative emotions.
  • Overwhelm
  • Use of food as comfort and losing control of it.
  • Unwanted compelling negative habits and overusing a drug like alcohol to cope.
  • Imposter Syndrome and feelings of unworthiness.
  • Negative self-esteem and self-image.
  • People pleasing or avoidance and isolation.
  • Lack of direction in life and career.
  • Lack of confidence
  • Knowing you are in the wrong relationship or the wrong career
  • Deep sense something isn't right.
  • Avoidance to deal with issues but hit a 'threshold'


Are Your Connected To Your Inner Power?

We all want to feel part of something bigger than ourselves, to know our purpose and feel on track in our lives. We might usually feel great and then suddenly something happens and WHAM - it all comes up to the surface. For some people that can be an accident, a breakup from al long term relationship, a bereavement, a job loss, a career low, a pressure to speak publicly - it really can be anything only it will be VERY personal and triggering to you and your 'unconscious mind' that loves you and runs all your amazing behaviours, emotions and programs.

I have spent years honing this ability to spot this physically - even in people's voices from 20years as a physical performer and actress and then a hypnotist and therapist. People think they are hiding it but the body and 'tells' are always there. This is because we communicate it all energetically - we are master communicators but often want to hide what we don't want to communicate. These are all the masks we create to face the outside world and it slowly weighs on our authenticity.

When we are off-alignment with our purpose, we will be learning lessons the harder way, bumping into issues and trying to read self-help books or do the odd course or something/anything t numb symptoms - but the symptoms are really 'signals' to the keys to unlocking it!


Would you like to clear all that away and shine through ad the most amazing version of you?

Would you like to feel powerful and strong and know you are taking your direction from your own inner knowing and no longer a reed in the wind to external events, giving you enormous clarity and fortitude.


"It was a really safe space and Diane led me by the hand through each stage ....WOW, That really was a Breakthrough" - Kim, Property Developer


I believe it is our Divine right to be connected to inner truth and powerful energies that we can generate and align to naturally. No more doctrines of limitations on your own innate power and inner strength by people who wish to keep you controlled. My understanding is that we have access to those magical energies, because you are meant to use them.

When you remove self imposed limitations held in a part of you that functions your behaviour and all that you see and hear and notice, your world transforms. You feel healthier and calmer and more positive. You also increase wellbeing and happy hormones like serotonin and oxytocin and you feel good about yourself and others - and it's all natural and freely available with some guidance and a little application.

The process makes a lot of sense of why you have been getting and why you have not been getting things in your life. 


Q. Where is it Held?

We meet together in a calm location, either my comfy London office in Marylebone or a spa hotel in Cheshire or Central Manchester. (I do travel and other locations are available if you enquire on booking) There is also an online versiona of this program on Zoom that overseas clients benefit from.

Q. What Happens On The Day?

I will have spoken to you beforehand and also sent you a secure online form that helps me learn lots about you and the history y of what you want to resolve. On the day, we meet and you'll begin chatting with me. I will begin getting to the root of things pretty quickly and start guiding you out of the problem.

Q. How Does It Work? 

By discovering the deeper driving cause of the symptoms that are hiding underneath, I can then talk  to the part of you that is running this problem. I am a very experienced hypnotherapist and have ways of guiding you to heal issues at very deep levels thought discussion and taking you through processes that are very relaxing and don't require you to relive any traumas or negative events.

Q. What do you use to resolve things? I am a trained Hypnotherapist and master coach, so I use hypnosis and NLP which is an excellent way of communicating with the programs you are running and 'rewriting' them. I am also trained in many other healing and energy therapies too many to mention here but significant ones such as the neuroscience technique Havening, Tapping and Time-line therapy are a few I often use. I also am very energy sensitive and have high sensory acuity and use my own skills to scan and read your energy which is not something I was taught and have developed. It allows me to 'read' you rapidly.

Q. Will I make all the changes in a day? Yes, usually. It very much depends if you want to change though. Ultimately you are the key holder to all change within yourself. 

Q. What happens if I am scared to face my problems? This process is unique in that it's not like psychotherapy and you are aware you have a habit or issue, emotions or block that you don't want, so I guide you to looking at it in new ways and in ways that begin to make it seem easy to let go of and I guide you every step of the way. Change is always new, I am your guide and have done this process for nearly 13 years now. You're in safe hands.

Q. Do I need to prepare for it? Sometimes if it's a long-term unwanted habit or OCD, I will ask you to send me a diary of this habit so I can learn more before you arrive. I will always ask for more information if I think it will be useful.

Q. Is it just a day of work? All the magic happens in the main day, however there are also two hour long coaching sessions with me and you receive a supportive suite of  hypnotic audios.



Free Discovery Call! (Please check your 'inbox')

  • Quash the Over-thinking
  • Heal Emotions 
  • Interrupt Negative Patterns
  • End anxiety and Panic, Overwhelm and gain clarity and confidence.
  • Reconnect to your True Self
  • Discover your inner power and positive foundations!!
  • Feel in control!
  • Feel positive and empowered
  • Breakthrough this long held block into the NEW YOU!

Be rooted in incredible inner calm and strength!

"I gained Complete Clarity"- Hayley, Director


If you are anything like I was and many of my clients were, you have either been pushing the signals down and sitting on them or smothering them with a habit or food, or drug of choice, or trying your best to ignore them, yet secretly knowing you can't go on like this and it better not rear it's head...

...but now you're reading this and may be wondering if there is an easy pain free way of dealing with it all in one go. Yes there is! 

You could be at breaking point and at a teary overwhelmed threshold of 'I have had enough get me out of here!'. If so - contact me today and let's get you in!


I want you to know whole heartedly that I get it. I was there and it was not pretty.  

So, I have designed for you, the program that wasn't there when I needed it twenty years ago! 

If ONLY this was around when I needed it, it would have saved me YEARS and probably my relationship and my career at the time! 


I went up and down Londn's famous Harley Street trying to find someone and something to help and sort me out. I'd tried in my mind 'everything' including (useless) well meaning therapies and counselling and I had anxieties and stress in buckets, symptoms and health issues were brewing and I was on complete burnout, I was a mess...(watch my story here)

When my client's come to me saying "I need an all in one programs to hold my hand through it all and out the other side" - this is what I recommend



Contact me to book a free discovery Zoom call and let's talk it over and get you back on track!



“Diane helped to dive deaper into the cause of what I was going through, helping to rebuild and reprogramme. Needless to say it’s a 5-star no-brainer for me. I walked into the session with a problem that was affecting my life significantly, I walked out changed for the better.”

Andrew Gear, Actor

“Diane was recommend by a good friend and I didn’t know what to expect. However she was amazing and dealt with everything efficiently and was super professional. I felt re-born!” - Alicia Pistill- - Director

"I have seen many so called top experts in my time. But Diane is worlds apart. If your looking for change, self improvement... Call her. It will be without a doubt the best investment of your life... without a doubt one of the biggest assets I have is Diane’s number." Mark Shephard, Serial Entrepreneur and Business Owner 

"... it was absolutely perfect. Diane is also genuine, passionate and 100% behind you to get you to where you want to be. I completed the full day breakthrough session... I walked out of Diane’s office feeling amazing, excited about my future and free of all my limiting beliefs.”

J Strachan


“I saw Diane for help which psychological counselling had CBT therapy had not resolved. Diane [Breakthough Program] helped me to completely reframe my goals, expose the core underlying beliefs I was holding, and then reset those. Just like someone else commented I feel as if I have been re-born. She is hugely knowledgeable, able to deploy a wide-range analytical and interventional techniques, and she is a total professional – I would not hesitate in recommending her.” Paul WS