A little bit about me - Watch the Podcast Interview

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I absolutely love my job. I didn’t always love the work I did until I clicked into who I really am and what I am discovering I am capable of and I now guide others to do the same. To discover who they really are, so they can taste and experience the deliciousness and joys of realising some of that potential.

So, I find myself journeying with people through their life's most testing and incredible events to get them there.

It is not what I expected or wanted to do as a young girl from the north. I had my eyes fixed on acting and singing! I did achieve this dream through much grit and total determination and got into the drama school I wanted to attend and created the kind of artistic career I wanted for myself, before running into stress and difficulty with my own unresolved emotional issues and anxieties (which I discuss in the podcast above). 

It took me a long time to become aware. Awareness is the King key to change. We so often are sleepwalking with issues others may spot, but we are living from within the ‘program’ of it until we ‘bump inot the furniture’ too many times for us not to notice.  

After many years of self work I fell I love with psychology and the mind, studied under the best I could find until I created my own processes to really resolve issues with the people infront of me in my office. At point of writing, it's now 13 years into this career and I am still loving every moment of it. 

I'm now excited to be developing new retreats, courses and therapeutic approaches where I've seen clear gaps for my clients in understanding. You will have access to them via this site,


I hope to see you on one of my events very soon! 

X Diane