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For a program of work 1:1, why not book Diane's 8 week coaching program designed to help you heal and reconnect to your inner power, self love and inner strength.

Healing Power Pack - Negative Emotions & Memories

Healing Powerpack, is a course designed to really help relieve you of negative emotions.

In this short and easy to follow series of videos, you can begin in minutes, to help relieve yourself of the negative impact caused by a past event or negative thought pattern.

Watch and copy with me as you are led through a wonderful, holisitic process you can repeat for yourself any time.

What you'll get:

  • Video course and virtual session designed to help target negative memories.

*Please always consult your healthcare provider. The videos and content on this website are complimentary to a healing journey and are not a substitute for professional clinical care. Use as advised, Diane Beck, DEB Method Ltd and Diane Beck Coaching will not be held responsible for the use or misuse of the contents of this course or any material written or recorded, found on this website.