Create Your 2023 

Goal Setting Masterclass

6th January


6th January Capesthorne Hall, Cheshire, UK.

All Day, Evening and Overnight 'Full Experience' Options to Choose From.


Manifesting is a science and strategy

Start the Year With a Positive Mindset and The Perfect Plan!

Get ahead of the curve. Learn how to achieve more of what you want to receive - consistently...which is an art and science. A sacred science.

Join us for this special event.

  • Connect to your inner knowing & trust your intuition so you are rooted.
  • Get clarity on your future and what you are currently attracting!
  • Learn the important foundational art and science 'recipe' for successfully attracting.
  • Understand why it hasn't worked in the past and learn how to detect what's blocking you.
  • Dissolve the fog and overwhelm with a special live meditation unique to the retreat!!
  • Experience the flow of energy aligning you to success.
  • Meet like-minded people on their goal setting journey and become part of a growing community.
  • Begin Manifesting your goals on the retreat!

When you are rooted, it doesn't matter what the world is doing around you, you are rooted in strength and knowing. That is very powerful. The world is getting stormy. Learn how to weather the storm!

In the Goal Setting January Retreat, you’ll learn how to finally take control of your future.

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Held at The Capesthorne Hall Lakeside Lodges

Capesthorne Hall is a stately home in Macclesfield, owned by the Bromley-Davenport family. Our retreat venue is held on the grounds on the estate. Nestled in the woodland by the lake, we have a magical space where our retreats are held. 

You're Invited.

Why Set Goals?

Why do this in a group?

Only 3% of the population set their goals and even fewer write them down according to a Harvard University study.

You are over 75% more likely to achieve goals if you even work them out, write them down and share them with others! Others keep you accountable which is also why there is a facebook group you are invited to join after the retreat.

If you don't work out what you want at the very least, you'll get more of what you got in the past. You will be repeating old thoughts, old behaviours, old patterns.

When you do engage your heart with your mind and learn to focus your energy in a very specific way, magic happens.

Everything is energy - learn why this is vital to goal setting.

At the atomic level, like attracts like. We create who we are and what we are and what we believe. 

  • Connect to your energy
  • Align to your heart centre
  • Learn how to design using your energy
  • Connect to your inner guidance system!
  • Know yourself better than ever before.


Hear What Other Say About the Goal Setting Retreat!....."

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Get Your Ticket Now! 

Option 1 - Day Ticket 

Day Time Retreat Ticket £350

(pay in 2 instalments)

Join us in the stunning Capesthorne Hall lodge by the lake on the first full moon of the year, to create an amazing future now! Learn the foundational magic of goal setting and uncover why it perhaps hasn't worked consistently for you in the past. You'll receive :

  • Daytime Pass to the event to focus on YOU for the whole day.
  • Lunch and Refreshments provided.
  • Meditations and Powerful Techniques to Create an amazing 2023! 
  • Meet with others in our like-minded community also developing their future goals.
  • Define your goals and begin working on manifesting them!

You’ll finish this daytime course with a real understanding and foundational mastery of how to goal set and create the future you want. You will meet likeminded people also journeying towards their best year creations.

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