The Relationship Program to Heal Your Relationship Breakup and Give You Back Your Best Self

You deserve better than this!

You can have better!

You can heal this for good! 

Heartbreak To Empowered Breakthrough in

3 Steps

Triumph over your breakup and don't just  'get yourself back' and 'move on' from the emotional pain, obsessive thoughts and repeating patterns, but become your most powerful, positive and best self!

So you can attract the BEST relationship that aligns with YOU.

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Stop the Obsessive Thoughts


Learn about 'thought loops' and learn how to stop the overwhelm and get calm clarity in your thinking.

Stop Obsessing and get your time and energy back!

Learn what's really caused this situation so you change and heal it for good! 


Heal The Emotions & Attachments


Emotional reactions often cloud our thinking and can lead to bad reactions. Learn how to really heal the emotions and love pain using elegant, fast and effective ways that will empower you to move forwards without pain and feeling balanced.

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Break the Negative Patterns and Redesign Relationships Forever


Recreate and redesign what you attract! By getting really clear on what you want and who you want and why, gives you choices, clear goals and your mojo back!


Jill describes meeting her partner the very next day after the process finished! 

The right program at the right time!

This program was designed specifically to help you not only get clear on what has happened and why, not just heal the emotions and break the ruts and patterns people get stuck in, attracting the wrong people and the same people over and over again...but to truly get back to yourself and who you really are.


Why is this important? Because you don't know what you want until you really know who you are. 


Who we ARE and what really makes us motivated happy and fulfilled, can be obscured by conditioning, past traumas and ideas that are not helpful and take us off track.


So get back on track and don't waste any more time. Attract the beautiful loving relationships that you deserve in your life. That relationship begins with yourself.

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Claudia (full name protected)

I highly recommend Diane as a therapist. After the end of my relationship, I found myself in a dark place‚ÄĒsleeping all day, drinking all night, and stuck in a cycle. Diane not only helped me understand that seeking help isn't a sign of weakness but also provided a safe space where I never felt judged for my emotions and behaviors. Through our sessions, she helped me realize that my post-breakup feelings were normal and acceptable. Despite recognizing this, I lacked the tools to cope. Diane guided me through overcoming obsessive behaviors, especially constant social media stalking. She empowered me to break free from rumination, shift my focus to the present and future, and ultimately regain control over my life. Diane's support has been transformative, and I'm grateful for the positive changes she has helped me achieve.

Private Client name protected)

I couldn't have navigated this challenging journey without Diane's unwavering support and guidance. Her insights and compassionate approach have been instrumental in reshaping my perspective. I am confident that without her, my life would be in a completely different place. Diane not only helped me understand and accept my emotions but also equipped me with the tools to rebuild and move forward. I am truly grateful for her expertise and dedication to my well-being. Diane is not just a therapist; she's been a crucial anchor in my transformative journey.[...]I owe you a lot after all the help and support you have given me. I can’t put my face on camera.