Your Personality Program Runs Deep

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NLP Personality Profiling

Personality is formed and changeable!

From my years of acting, coaching and providing therapy for hundreds of clients over the years, understanding more about personality and behaviour is somewhat of a healthy occupational obsession.


Let me introduce you to my favourite personality profiling tool....Meta Programs.


I use something called NLP in my work and Meta Programs were developed by the NLP community and are in my estimation, the most accurate way of rapidly understanding someone and predicting their behaviour in minutes! 


They can be taken covertly in regular conversation, or even identified across a room, giving you amazing tools to navigate a situation and predict behaviour in seconds.


Meta Programs are ‘non contextualised behavioural traits! The programs are triggered by external events and our internal perceptions of those events totally unconsciously.


Much like our ‘values’ they are deeply help unconscious drivers to our behaviour and instigate behaviours in any given event. However, rather than being driven from the ‘petrol’ of emotion, which is how our values are driving us, Meta Programs are identifiable, learned behavioural preferences and behaviours that form an interface with the world around us and other people. 


From my understanding of the programs and from working with clients over many years on the programs, I estimate that they are most probably picked up in early childhood when the personality is forming and we are sponges, learning and developing from the environment around us. So in that case, family traits, home environment, pre-school and early childhood events may play a major role in the formation of the programs. I don't believe they are necessarily ‘epigenetic’ meaning I don’t personally think that they are created within the family lineage and passed on genetically. This is because you can have many different dynamics and programs within families. They also most probably are formed pre-consciousness, which will be up the the ages of 4,5,6yrs old when we are forming personality.


Meta programs can and do change. I have been witness to that within myself and my clients from working on their emotional release and goal setting. Learning more positive strategies and implementing positive behaviours, dynamically stretches any extreme program in my opinion and clients who undergo coaching can develop more flexibility.


So they are not fixed and you can identify any program and wish you alter and felt it with intention and some application of targeted coaching. 


I can help client’s to adapt or change a specific program, depending on their wishes and circumstances. Releasing big emotional issues and negatively held self-beliefs that have been limiting, can so often alter meta programs. I have noticed that my Breakthrough programs often have a positive impact on a persons programs.