10 Weeks to True Self Love, Life Alignment and Access to Your Real Inner Navigation System




Excel and Succeed

Connect and Grow 

10 WEEK Coaching Program with Diane Beck


"Diane is a fantastic coach, I have taken coaching sessions with her and this was the best decision I've made. She helped me handle my anxities at work and in personal growth and developement. Her coaching approach is unique,  I would highly recommend her." 
Himaja Reddy, Investment Banker

Knowing who you are at a core level and knowing how to utilise that will keep you aligned and on track in a life you love.

My approach helps you really get under the hood of surface issues and connects you to your inner empowerment system you probably didn't know you have! Dissolve anxieties and heal in very rapid time whilst reconnecting to amazing information held within. I show you and guide you through a 10-week program of change and growth.

This inner navigation you already own(!) helps you tackle the highs and lows that life throws at you with strength and inner confidence, whilst unlocking your growth and true potential.  Welcome to your new inner power. I would be honoured to be able to be your coach and guide!

Week One

Who You Are At The Core.

When you first begin a coaching program like mine, it's important we get to know each other and I understand what is happening in your life and where you want to go and do with this coaching. What I want to introduce you to, are ways to eliminate overwhelm and anxieties to clear the way for connection so we can begin to really know what you are capable of. 

Week 2

Inner Navigation System

You have an inner navigation system that is waiting to be tapped into. In this session you begin to connect to deeper truths and dissolve issues with my unique methods and techniques so we can look at what's in the way in your life of you being who you want to be and getting what you want.

Week 3

Love - Self Love

The thing about self-love is that it's often a mystery and massively overlooked in business and life. The deep connection to your worth and your relationships. Do you love yourself? Do you like yourself? Are you ready to heal?

Week 4

Your Goals and Your Future

What is it that you truly want? Lets begin outlining what desires and goals you have. One of the most challenging and difficult questions can be - 'what do you want?' be prepared to be enlightened by your own answers and truth!

Week 5

Connection to your unconscious Mind and it's power.

Cultivating connection to your unconscious mind will help you achieve amazing results. The coaching is designed to adapt to what you need and to guide you towards your alignment.

Week 6, 7 and 8

Connection to Heal and Empower

In these weeks we travel on the powerful healing journey of inner discovery and connection. I want to wipe away the years of smears on your window so you can shine through in all your magnificance. In these sessions we focus on the healing power of learning and connection.

Week 9


In this week, we now know who you really are at the most positive deepest level and we use this session to realign you in context of this. What does that mean? You begin to discuss your more positive changing perceptions and we look at what is possible for you. We also check in on the programs from week one. It all starts to come together.

Week 10

Your Goals and your future

In this final precious session of the program block, we reassess your goals in light of your new horizons. It's all systems Go, Go Go. You have got this, life it looking brighter and better than ever before. I'm proud of you for completing the program and all the work and now we begin to look at your destiny and your goals. What a trip!